Ticket sale

Dear friends of the International PigeonMarket in Kassel,
the impressions of last years exhibition are still in our heads but the time is running fast, the preparations for this years world’s largest pigeon fair are in full swing and ticket sales have begun.
As usual, Ms. Schumacher will be available for ticket orders again this year. You will receive the tickets conveniently by post. Order by email, telephone or in our ticket online shop.

Phone: +49 2268 1591 • eMail: info@biw-shop.com • online: www.biw-shop.com

The planning of the International PigeonMarket Kassel (#ITM)

. . . is in full swing – the registration documents will be sent from mid May. Many new stand requests are in progress.
Irma Kreutzfeldt and Daniela Schmitter are ready to provide advice :

Irma.kreutzfeldt@biw-kuerten.de         +49 2268-1591 and +49-171-7312499
Daniela.schmitter@biw-kuerten.de     +49 2268-1591 and +49-175-6782018

Auction 2018

Also this year one of the highlights of the International PigeonMarket Kassel will be an extraordinary auction on Saturday, October 27th, 2018. The slogan of this auction will be “Made in Germany” – children and sisters/brothers of the actually best racing pigeons of Germany will be on sale. The auction will be  held by Gerald Mack, expert and wellknown auctioneer who also organizes with great success the auction at the DBA Dortmund for many years.
He is in permanent contact with pigeon fanciers all over the world by his auction portal ‘Amazing Wings’. He will be assisted by Christian Feldotto, christian-feldotto@t-online.de, phone +49-2382-65041. Contact Gerald Mack: sgmack@freenet.de, phone +49-9681-2666. Further informations on the auction in Kassel: www.amazing-wings.com and www.taubenmarkt-kassel.de.

10 years cooperation between EXPOGolebie/Poland – International PigeonMarket Kassel/Germany

From 12th to 14th of January the Organizing Team of the ITM Kassel was present with an Info-Stand at the EXPOGolebie in Sosnowiec near Katowice/Poland – the most important exhibition for the polish pigeon fanciers. This event is on the one hand an international pigeon fair and on the other hand the national racing pigeon exhibition. As a very nice act of courtesy the organizers of the EXPOGolebie handed over to Irma Kreutzfeldt (the organizer of the ITM Kassel)  a wonderful engraved glass cup with thanks for the excellent cooperation during the last 10 years. Such an international cooperation between the organizers of racing pigeon exhibitions can only be of advantage for both,  pigeon fanciers and exhibitors – this was proved by the increasing number of visitors and sales results in Kassel and Sosnowiec.


Shake hands between the organizers of the Voorjaarsbeurs Houten (NL) and the International PigeonMarket Kassel (D)!

Last weekend in Dortmund at the occasion of the DBA Proffsport and TaubenMarkt/Die Sporttaube came to an agreement upon a stipendium for the spring fair in Houten. Exhibitors have the opportunity to place adverts in the wellknown international monthly magazine ‘TaubenMarkt/Die Sporttaube’. This magazine will be read by thousands of subcribers worldwide and more than that thousands of copies will be given for free to the visitors of the Voorjaarsbeurs Houten on 3rd and 4th of March, 2018.
We are very happy about this extraordinary cooperation!


以往展会为来自世界各地的参观者提供不同寻常的拍卖活动。欧洲顶尖的赛鸽爱好者将带二到四个可繁殖的赛鸽前往卡塞尔。它们经常是参与奥林匹克的或国内顶级赛鸽及全国比赛优胜者的孩子和姊妹。响当当的参与者分别是:D., F., N. Schlechtriem, Roland u. Denis Faber, Hagedorn-Becker, Schlief-Stiens, Andreas Drapa, E. u. C. Börger, Kersting u. Söhne, Dirk de Beer, Dieter Wöhr, Hartmut Will, SG Feldotto, Tino Bergemann, Familie Herbots, Luc van Mechelen, Koen van Roy, Flanders Collection, Leo Heremans 和 Paul Huls.

拍卖人是Gerald Mack(惊翼)。 他是欧洲赛鸽界最知名的拍卖人之一。

与往年一样Peter Kocks先生承担拍卖工作。Peter本人50多年来一直从事信鸽饲养,同时也是www.brieftauben-markt.de 网站的编辑人。在拍卖之前,拍卖已经通过“TaubenMarkt / Die Sporttaube”杂志以及互联网门户网站www.brieftauben-markt.dewww.taubenmarkt-kassel.dewww.herbots.com进行了宣传和推广。与此同时,参赛者,赛鸽及其成绩都被编辑汇总。此外,在拍卖过程中,每个参与者可在互联网上看到的照片。从参与者的名字不难看出,Peter先生承诺提供国内外最优秀的信鸽。由此而言,如果在2016年的拍卖会上有3000多位感兴趣的买家来到拍卖大厅,那么今年的拍卖量至少应该会增加1000人。一个来自SG Feldotto“Arthur”的年轻鸽子最终收益为3,600欧元。所有鸽子的平均拍卖收益为783欧元。德国鸽子的竞标价格比比利时人高得多,这表明德国赛鸽被体育迷所喜爱。