Ceny biletów wstępu

Bilet jednodniowy

EUR 12,-

Bilet dwudniowy

EUR 16,-

Młodzież poniżej 18 lat –
wstęp bezpłatny

Zamów bilety

Niniejszym zamawiam na nadchodzące targi:

I herewith authorize the recipient of payment to directly debiting.

At the same time, I instruct my bank to honour the direct debit collection by the recipient of payment. Please note: I may request the reimbursement of the collected amount within eight weeks, beginning with the date of collection. To this effect, the conditions as agreed with my bank shall be applicable.


I will dispatch the tickets immediately after a purchase. You will receive an invoice for the tickets ordered by you. The ordered tickets will be directly debited from your account by a SEPA direct debit.


Please order now, subject to costs