Attention! New date! Please make a note!

‚All under one roof‘ in the Kassel exhibition halls – this ground-breaking decision has been finally made and will become reality this year! Same as last year the Messegesellschaft Kassel will take on the role of organizer, BIW Kreutzfeldt GmbH will be responsible for renting out the exhibition stands and the Association of German Racing Pigeon Breeders (Verband Deutscher Brieftaubenzüchter) will organise the racing pigeon exhibition as well as the Prof. Dr. Kohaus auction. In accordance with the Messegesellschaft Kassel and all parties involved a new date has been fixed in order to ensure perfect exhibition conditions. Kassel will be the absolute‘ hotsport‘ for racing pigeon sport on 30 November and 1 December 2024. Please follow the further news in our magazine ‚TaubenMarkt/Die Sporttaube‘ and in the magazine of the German Racing Pigeon Association ‚Die Brieftaube‘ and on all social media channels.