Dear Pigeon Fanciers,

As shown by the numerous conversations with our exhibitors during the recent weeks, we are not the only ones who deal with the organisation of this year’s International PigeonMarket in Kassel.
Again and again there was hope that a return to normal conditions would be possible after the two-year ‘Corona’ break.

Unfortunately, the facts are quite different. Even in this year there will be no planning predictability for a major international event of this type; on the contrary, further serious difficulties
are to be expected due to the Ukraine war.
In addition, all experts predict a resurgence of the Corona virus in autumn, and the vaccination has not turned out to be as efficacious as hoped.

Even though it is very difficult to accept these facts, we have come round to avoiding all risks in the interest of all persons involved.

Therefore, the 33rd International Pigeon Market 2022 will not take place.

Our trade magazine ‘TaubenMarkt/Die Sporttaube’ will continue to be the medium for you where you can present and/or advertise your offers or new products.

Be rest assured that will ‘stick’ on events, hoping for your understanding and further solidarity.

Best regards

Irma Kreutzfeldt