The decision has been made:

This year there will be no International PigeonMarket in Kassel/Germany. Because of the unpredictable developments due to the corona crisis, especially as trade fair planning is concerned, we unfortunately see no other option. There is no planning security and no statements from the state authorities that could encourage us to hold the event, the opposite is he case – many big trade fairs have already been cancelled till end of 2020.
This decision was very difficult for us, since we have been passionate about organizing the exhibition in Kassel successfully for 30 years. But we do not want to expose you as an exhibitor or our many international visitors to a health hazard, and all protective measures would also make impossible an entertaining and happy atmosphere as we know and love it.
Nevertheless, we are optimistic about the coming year, we will ‘keep the ball‘ and concentrate all our energy on preparing the International PigeonMarket on October 23rd and 24th, 2021.
Stay healthy and optimistic that we will overcome this difficult situation.

We’ll meet again!
Yours in sport,

Exhibition Management

Dear breeders, dear exhibitors,

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I wish to thank you. Thank you for a memorable 30th International PigeonMarket of a very special type, for the great enthusiasm and the radiant faces of our visitors and for the professional, sophisticated, imaginative and no less cheerful presentation of our exhibitors and – last but not least – thanks to my highly motivated team. All of them prepared a worthy 30th anniversary for the International PigeonMarket in Kassel and made thus a very special present not only to me.

30 years International PigeonMarket Kassel

This year again, the exhibition halls in Kassel are bursting at all seams since this year’s International PigeonMarket has fully been booked and is more international than ever. Many new exhibitors from the industry and breeding business as well as from all over the world make the 30th International PigeonMarket the most international PigeonMarket since it was established. Thus, Kassel is once again in the focus of the homing pigeon world in this October.

And you, you are warmly invited to take part in it! Visit the very special

30th International PigeonMarket in Kassel on 26 and 27 October 2019

Here, “Champions league of homing pigeons”, a great extraordinary auction, live music by the legendary Bayern-Mafia and our breeder’s morning drink in our Oktoberfest hall and much more are waiting for you to come!

We are looking forward to seeing you as well as a lot of new faces.

Championsleague of the racing pigeon sport

This year again Top-Auction at the 30th International PigeonMarket Kassel:

Auctioneer: Gerald Mack
Tel.: +49-9681-2666

Assistant: Christian Feldotto
Tel.: +49-2382-65041

First class breeding pigeons from
the following lofts will be offered:

Kersting & Söhne

Zum Öhlchen 10 • 57439 Attendorn/Germany
Tel.: +49-2722-51164
Mobil: +49-152-53454827

Marc Brett

Kaffeebergstraße 8 • 74420 Oberrot/Germany
Tel.: +49-7977-8473 Mobil: +49-170-8153374

Dieter Wöhr

Biegelstrasse 7/1 • 71287 Weissach/Germany
Tel.: +49-174-6479348

Hartmut Will

Am Schreinersgarten 13
35075 Gladenbach/Germany
Tel.: +49-6462-913711

SG Fuchs & Wolf

Am Gänsborn 35 • 65239 Hochheim/Germany
Mobil: +49-171-1927804 • +49-170-3824751

Tino Bergemann

Motzener Str. 13a
15749 Mittenwalde/Germany
Tel. +49-173 8553586

SG Feldotto & Söhne

Differdinger Str. 49 • 59227 Ahlen
Tel.: 02382-65041

Jo Herbots

Dungelstraat 37 • 3440 Halle-Booienhoven/B
Tel.: +32-11-789190

Peter Rager

Kirchplatz 6 • 93087 Alteglofsheim/Germany
Tel.: +49-9453-350 • +49-171-8550180

Heinz Hilleke

Vitusweg 12 • 59590 Geseke/Germany
Tel.: +49-175-1687530

Dirk de Beer & Simone Müller

Karl-Wenholt-Straße 79
26506 Norden-Leybuchpolter/Germany
Tel.: +49-4926-9095680
Mobil: +49-171-5775653

The “Championsleague of the racing pigeon sport”

This year again Top-Auction at the 30th International PigeonMarket Kassel

“The Championsleague of the racing pigeon sport”

First class breeding pigeons from the following lofts will be offered:

• Dirk de Beer & Simone Müller • Tino Bergemann • Marc Brett • Feldotto & Söhne • Fuchs & Sohn
• Gebr. Herbots • Heinz Hilleke • SG Kersting • Peter Rager • Hartmut Will • Dieter Wöhr

Saturday, October 26th, 2019 • 12.00 a.m. • International PigeonMarket Kassel • Hall 10/11
Auctioneer: Gerald Mack • Tel.: +49-9681-2666 • Organizer: Christian Feldotto • Tel.: +49-2382-65041

2019 – 30th International PigeonMarket

This October is the month of the 30th anniversary of the international PigeonMarket. The plannings for the fair are in full swing and we are pleased already now that the 30th anniversary of the International PigeonMarket in Kassel will be bursting at the seams. So do not miss the opportunity to participate in Europe’s largest homing pigeon exhibition as an exhibitor and reserve your stand already today.
Our Mrs. Schmitter will be pleased to give individual advice and support you in booking your fair stand.
We are looking forward to welcoming our friends of homing pigeons from all over the world in Kassel in October and will of course keep you informed about all news on this year’s International PigeonMarket.