Dear readers,

It was exactly at this time of the recent year, when I had to inform you with a heavy heart about the fact that the International PigeonMarket 2020 could not take place. The heart did not get lighter, but I will have to repeat this now for the International PigeonMarket 2021 because of the persistent and large planning incertainty.
I am shocked and deeply disappointed, but there will be no International PigeonMarket in Kassel this year either. Of course, this is owed to a situation in which we have been for more than a year now. This year, we cannot be optimistic as usual about the organisation of this event which means so much to all of us and is more than only a special fair.
The usual and social gathering in every October had kept us together as friends of homing pigeons, allowing a lot of excellent conversations and meeting long-lost friends. The atmosphere of the International PigeonMarket and the merry reunions constitute the PigeonMarket. We are afraid that this could not take place in compliance with the Corona requirements.
The cancellation of the Munich Oktoberfest was already a clue – nevertheless, we had dicussions with exhibitors who explained their views to us, and two thirds of them were sceptical that a successful organisation of the International Pigeon Market 2021 could be held successfully without any restrictions by corona rules for all parties involved. Also, the possibility of another wave in autumn also adds to this uncertainty in all of our considerations.
I am aware of your disappointment with this cancellation and wish to assure you that we are feeling the same. Nevertheless, Kassel either is or is not at all; a Kassel “light” is not conceivable and Kassel “light” is not necessary. We all need a new and difficult-to-gain confidence to obtain optimism that the International Pigeon Market 2022 will be our long-awaited and more than deserved reunion, a party of superlatives! And all of us of the International Pigeon Market are very much looking forward to welcoming you again in the coming year at last.

Best regards, Irma Kreutzfeldt