Dear sport friends,

another year is drawing to a close. And as usual at the end of each year – but especially at the end of this year – we reflect on what really counts. The peaceful season awaits us with silence, maybe some snow and precious time with our loved ones. At Christmas it’s not about ‚Glühwein‘ at the Christmas market, not about the Christmas parties in the company or club, it’s also not about gifts, because the greatest gift we already have is time for our friends, our families and ourselves. Together we will manage this year to capture the true spirit of Christmas and to remeind us oft he past Christmas and the magic that they left behind.

I sincerely wish you, your friends and your families a Merry Christmas with an eye for what is really important, as well as a healthy, successful New Year 2021.

Yours in sport,

Irma Kreutzfeldt