Auction “EUROPEAN SUPERSTARS Olympiad & Ace Pigeons Special 2017!”

Traditionally, the event programme offered visitors from all over the world an exceptional auction. European top strikes came to Kassel with two to four breeding pigeons each. These were either children or siblings of Olympic participants or national ace pigeons and national winners. Participants with sound-sounding names were D., F., N. Schlechtriem, Roland and Denis Faber, Hagedorn-Becker, Schlief-Stiens, Andreas Drapa, E. u. C. Börger, Kersting and others. Söhne, Dirk de Beer, Dieter Wöhr, Hartmut Will, SG Feldotto, Tino Bergemann, the Herbots family, Luc van Mechelen, Koen van Roy, Flanders Collection, Leo Heremans and Paul Huls.

The auctioneer was Gerald Mack (Amazing Wings). He is one of the most recognized auctioneers in the European racing pigeon sport.

As in previous years, Peter Kocks took over the organisation of the auction. Peter has been a carrier pigeon fancier for more than 50 years and is publisher of the internet portal The auction was announced and advertised beforehand via the magazine “TaubenMarkt/Die Sporttaube” as well as via the internet portals, and The participating breeders, the pigeons and successes were presented editorially. In addition, each participant had been shown percussion and pigeon impressions in a photo collage on the Internet and during the auction.

Peter Kock’s national and international contacts promised the best pigeon material, as can easily be recognized by the names of the participants. And that’s how it happened. If there were more than 3,000 more interested parties in the auction hall at the auction in 2016, this figure is likely to have been at least 1,000 more this year. The most expensive pigeon was awarded the contract at 3,600 €. It was a young pigeon from the “Arthur” of the SG Feldotto. She moved to the Magdeburg area. The average auction proceeds of all pigeons were 783 €. The bids for the German pigeons were interestingly higher than for the Belgian pigeons, an indication of the appreciation that the German carrier pigeon enjoys among sports fans.